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Invest in your future, invest in our future

Independent, Fee-Only Financial Planners who specialize in sustainability & investing with your values


The Power of the Network

Choosing a financial planner can be one of the most important decisions in your financial life, and it can feel overwhelming with all of the different options available. You're looking for a financial planner who is:

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About the ESG Investor Network

The ESG Investor Network is a group of independent financial planning experts who each meet qualifications and standards that exceed those of most financial planners. 

We each operate our own separate businesses, but we are united by our cmmitment to provide clients with the highest quality of advice.


Here are some of the requirements to be listed as a member of our network:


Highly qualified with the educational background and experience to demonstrate their expertise through your financial plan.


Familiar with the specific financial challenges that you face, such as those aspects unique to your beliefs & values, profession/career, or stage of life.


Committed to following strict ethical standards, acting as a fiduciary, and always putting their clients’ best interest before their own.


Our collective future is just as important as your financial future. Your financial planner should share your passion for creating a positive impact in the world. 


We’re fiduciaries. Simply put, we have a strict ethical & legal obligation to act in the best interest of our clients at all times. If we don’t then we’re personally held liable.


Operate as a fee-only (commission-free), meaning that we don’t collect any kind of commissions or kickbacks for the recommendations we make to clients.


Our members do not have any derogatory marks on their records as financial professionals AND they maintain a positive reputation in their communities and the industry at large. Membership is by invite only.


Focused on comprehensive financial planning as opposed to strictly investment management. You can rest assured that your entire financial picture will be taken into account and planned for.

Accepting  Clients

All of our members are currently accepting new clients. So feel free to reach out to our advisors if you’d like to learn more about what a financial planning relationship looks like.


Sustainable living is not an afterthought, it is part of nearly every aspect of our lives. We strive to minimize our negative impact and maximize our positive impact on the world. 

Meet Our Financial Planners


Dan Murphy

Greater Good Financial

SPECIALTIES : ESG Investing, Charitable Giving, Retirement Income Planning

LOCATION : Minneapolis Minnesota

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Erica Blake

Mountain Flower Investments

SPECIALTIES : ESG Investing, Pre-Retirement Planning, Nontraditional Life Path, Student Loan Repayment Strategies

LOCATION : Lafayette, Colorado

Caedmon Bear headshot.jpg

Caedmon Bear

On the Trail Financial Planning

SPECIALTIES :Holistic Financial Planning, ESG Investing, working with people who love the outdoors, working with those who care about the environment and social justice

LOCATION : SF Bay Area, California

McGowan Head Shot I.jpg

John McGowan

Mandala Financial Advisors

SPECIALTIES :Holistic Financial Planning, Sustainable Investing, Unmarried Couples, Philanthropy

LOCATION : Des Moines, IA & Salida, CO


Nate Nieri

Modern Money Management

SPECIALTIES :Early to Mid Career Professionals, ESG Investing, Equity Compensation, Helping Those that Desire to Retire Early

LOCATION : San Diego, CA 


Meghan Lape-Lefevre

Conscious Impact Financial Planning

SPECIALTIES : ESG/SRI Investing, Financial planning for LGBTQIA+ & non-traditional families

LOCATION : Austin, Texas